Our Story

Our Story

"La Real Academia de la Lengua Española" defines GUAJANA as the flowery spike of the sugar cane.

This word is derived from the language of Taíno indigenous that inhabited the island of Puerto Rico before the Spanish colonization.

My passion for rum comes from my maternal side. My grandfather, Modesto Peña was a moonshiner in Puerto Rico over 100 years ago. Therefore; I decided to name our first "IRIS" after my mother.

Iris, you are the greatest inspiration in my life! ¡Siempre dame tu bendición! 

I founded Guajana Distillery in 2014 in hopes that I could follow my grandfather's footsteps. We will always try to follow the over 450-year old rum tradition of Puerto Rico. Guajana Distillery will always distilled pride and tradition.  

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